So I recently (a few weeks ago) started a job at a popular, healthy fast food restaurant - but it shall remain unnamed for this site. When I first started I'll admit I wasn't very 'fast' - who is, when they don't know what they're doing!?

In any case, they were desperate for another worker and I started work there at a time when the boss was having to take over for another store - so I never received official training. In any case, after just three weeks I'm pretty much completely programmed, despite the fact that, unlike the other employees, I haven't gotten proper training like she said she'd provide me!...

..But although I am working as fast and efficiently as possible, and I'm not going to be modest, I'm at the same pace as everyone else there - I'm apparently not 'fast' enough. Within 3 seconds of a customer walking through the door we have to address them and are literally throwing them into the line when they have NO idea even what they want yet! I understand it for our regulars, but she expects us to do it to EVERYONE .. and where I work, we have a lot of people who have never even been there before.

Now, you know, that's all good and well - shes generally pretty fast, good with the till and definitely professional when it comes to customer service. But she's not perfect. And yet she expects perfection from her staff! She demands we all put our availabilities in two weeks in advance and then doesn't put our rosters up in time.. instead having flimsy, drawn up rosters that are done several days after. Last week we were writing on strips of paper and /serviettes/, with what hours we'd worked!!

It's just frustrating that she's criticizing me unnecessarily when really, she's only just pulling her own weight.


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